Asbestos Removal Sheffield South Yorkshire

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We and our workforce are experienced in carrying out all types of asbestos removal, both licenced and non-licenced for domestic clients, contractors and large national companies.

Some of our recent Asbestos Removal Sheffield South Yorkshire Projects has included asbestos removal in the Former HSS Hire Shop, Rotherham and major construction sites in Sheffield and throughout South Yorkshire.

Typically, 95% of licenced asbestos removal involves the removal of Asbestos Insulation Board (AIB). This product is a low-density board, normally with a mixture of Amosite (Brown) and Chrysotile (White) asbestos and occasionally Crocidolite (blue) asbestos and was used in numerous products. AIB, was predominantly used for fire protection and insulation properties in the 1950’s 1960’s and the 1970’s and would normally be found but not limited to ceilings, partitions, soffits and fire breaks. A typical situation where it would be used would be in kitchens and W/Cs in commercial premises, offices, schools and similar buildings. The other 5% of asbestos removals would be the removal of thermal insulation products which can be found on pipe and boiler lagging, and sprayed coatings used for its fire protection and acoustic properties on ceilings and steel beams.

Textured coating, vinyl tiles and profiled cement products may contain asbestos. If you require a sample of any product you feel may contain asbestos or a full survey of the property. We remove all types of Non-Licenced asbestos products including asbestos cement roofs and cladding, asbestos containing vinyl tiles, ARTEX (Asbestos Reinforced Textured Coating) from ceilings and walls, we offer this service to all of our clients, passed present and future.

Asbestos Removal Sheffield South Yorkshire

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